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Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston



Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies

OGC is connected with a wide range of industry organizations, educational institutions, and professional societies all working to advance the oil and gas industry.


The Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies, Inc. (COPAS) is a professional organization comprised of the oil and gas industry's most knowledgeable and influential accounting professionals.   COPAS has operated as a non-profit entity for 50 years and has over 3,600 members with 24 societies in the United States and Canada.

COPAS provides expertise for the oil and gas industry through the development of Model Form Accounting Procedures, publications, and education. We are a forum for the active exchange of ideas which result in innovative business and accounting solutions.

The Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston (PASH) is a Charter member, and one of the largest individual societies, of the twenty-four societies that comprise the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS).​ From the very beginning PASH members have played an integral leadership role in the creation and operation of The Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS).

One of OGC's partners, Byron Blunk, serves as Vice-Chair for the Audit Committee of PASH, having been elected at the September meeting.

OGC Consulting works with various associates, clients, and vendors with membership in almost every professional organization in the oil and gas industry. OGC consistently supports the efforts of the these organizations in bringing a consistency to the industry, helping to reduce cost and complexity for everyone.

OGC has made numerous presentations to a variety of these professional associations, including the American Petroleum Institute, the American Association of Professional Landmen, and the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, to name a few.


Since 1973, the Professional Development Institute Inc. (PDI) at the University of North Texas has provided education, information and training.Over the past 35 years, some 500,000 professionals have gained tools that increase performance.

PDI delivers top-quality education and information designed to create on-the-job opportunities for excellence.We instruct in recognizing issues, taking effective action and creating results.Our goals are to deliver value for your education and training dollars, and to ensure that our programs are effective for your needs.

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Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas

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