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Mr. Blunk was founder and owner of OGC Consulting, which is now entering its seventeenth year of operations.

His oversight and experience guided OGC in providing a variety of joint interest agreement and compliance services for the oil and gas industry. He also provided litigation support and expert testimony on joint interest billing and compliance issues for clients, reviewed all incoming compliance review reports, and oversaw all the associates.  

Howard was actively involved in the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS). He was a past President of COPAS, a past National Audit Committee Chair, the Founding Chair of the Emerging Issues Sub-Committee, and served on the COPAS Board of Directors. He also personally helped develop many of COPAS' publications and guidelines.

Howard served as a course instructor for the Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas (PDI), and was one of the authors of the course books used in their National Accounting and Auditing School for Joint Interest Operations, as well as for their Auditing course for Production Sharing Contracts and International Operating Agreements.

Prior to founding OGC, Howard worked at Chevron USA for many years, with his final position being Audit Manager of Non-Operated Joint Ventures. Before that, he was based 

in London as served as the Assistant Audit Manager for the Middle East and Africa, 

overseeing the full range of compliance department activities including internal controls, joint interest agreements, and contractor/vendor reviews for all operations in the host 



Howard sadly passed in November of 2013, but OGC continues to operate following his vision for the company, under the leadership of his wife and co-founder Laura Blunk.


Howard Blunk

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