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Michael oversees OGC's client and associate relations, and all business development and marketing efforts.

Since graduating from the University of Houston in 2010, Michael has built a career around business development, fundraising, investor relations, and related fields. He first direct touch with the oil and gas industry was working on Jeff Weems' campaign for Texas Railroad Commissioner in 2010. Despite outraising the past 3 Democratic candidates for the Commission combined, and ultimately garnering more votes than past candidates, Mr. Weems was not successful. After the campaign, Michael joined a small investor relations firm assisting multiple publicly traded companies raise capital. During this time he also first worked for OGC, building the website in use today, and assisting on audits coordinated by OGC.


In 2013, he joined the Arcview Group as employee #3. He was instrumental in building the cannabis focused investor network from the 40 members it was at the time, to the over 600-members it has today, and led the entrepreneur recruitment and screening process. He also coordinated development of Breeze, Arcview’s deal flow platform used daily by its members to review, analyze, and invest into companies. He left Arcview in 2016, and went on to assist multiple companies in the space, helping raise over $1.5 Million, and working on sales and marketing plans.

After his mother Laura passed away in 2017 he returned to OGC, along with his brother Byron, to continue on the family legacy. 

Michael Blunk

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